Forbes Hare Trust Company (NZ) Limited

New Zealand is well established as an international trust jurisdiction and Forbes Hare Trust Company is well placed to assist with New Zealand structures.  Our New Zealand office is headed by Eugene Lafaele, an experienced private client and trusts professional.

Eugene is managing director of Forbes Hare Trust Company (NZ) Limited and is responsible for the New Zealand fiduciary operations of the firm.

New Zealand as a trust jurisdiction

New Zealand is tax neutral and an economically and politically stable country, it is a respected OECD and FATF member jurisdiction with a professional and solid judicial framework.

As a member of the OECD, New Zealand is uniquely placed as one of the premier mid-shore jurisdictions.

As a result of its mid-shore, white-listed status, New Zealand provides an ideal platform for international tax planning through the prudent use of trusts. In addition, New Zealand’s mid-shore status means that trusts have access to tax treaty benefits, potentially reducing the overall tax burden of a structure.

New Zealand is well-served by a wide range of accounting and legal services; all major international accounting and audit firms have offices in New Zealand and legal services are available from a broad base of good quality law firms.

New Zealand trusts are used for a number of purposes in financial and wealth planning, including:

  • Succession planning
  • Asset protection – divorce, creditor protection etc.
  • Tax planning
  • Forced heirship – to avoid forced heirship rules in country of residence or domicile

New Zealand business environment

The infrastructure, cost-effectiveness, ease of doing business and an attractive taxation system also create a conducive environment for establishing international business structures in the jurisdiction.

The tax system for non-New Zealanders with no New Zealand connection is straightforward and structures are generally tax exempt, as long as they comply with qualifying requirements.

Whilst New Zealand has personal income tax and property tax regimes, there are no capital gains taxes or estate duties. New Zealand also does not maintain capital exchange controls. New Zealand also has a number of double taxation agreements in force and is one of only a handful of nations with direct trading of the New Zealand dollar against the Chinese renminbi (or yuan).

For more information please contact:

Eugene Lafaele, Managing Director

DDI: +64 (0)9 941 5306