Our fund administration services include:


  • Calculation of the funds Net Asset Valuation on a daily, monthly, quarterly, semi annual or annual basis;
  • Maintenance of the Investment Portfolio including securities pricing;
  • Calculation of management and performance fees;
  • Profit allocations on series or share equalisation methods;
  • Fund of Funds trade execution and nominee services;
  • Maintaining the investor register of the fund;
  • Accepting investor subscription, transfer and redemption applications;
  • Maintaining client bank accounts for the receipt of subscription funds and payment of redemption proceeds;
  • Performing investor anti money laundering procedures in accordance with regulatory requirements;
  • Issuing investor statements, confirmations, contract notes, call notices and investment managers reports;
  • Online access for investors and managers to view reports;
  • Providing reports to enable the preparation of the audited annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS or GAAP;
  • Liaising with the fund’s auditors to complete the annual statutory audit.
  • In addition to the above Forbes Hare is able to offer other services for funds through our Legal and Corporate Services teams:
  • Provision of the registered office and company secretarial services;
  • Principal Office services;
  • Fund Structure setup, including drafting fund documentation;
  • Provision of legal advice in relation to fund restructuring and liquidations.


Our Technology


Forbes Hare Fund Services uses AdvancedAIS’s portfolio accounting and transfer

agency platform. The AdvancedAIS integrated solutions have many features intrinsic

to them which are not standard in current industry applications.


Portfolio Accounting and Workflow Automation System


The portfolio accounting and workflow automation system has been designed to

address the requirements of modern portfolio management including flexible

instrument logic, enhanced data visualisation of risk metrics, automation of workflow,

and ease of interface with other systems. It’s core features include:


Portfolio Accounting System


A multicurrency fund accounting system designed for recording and reporting of

complex financial investments for funds that deal in financial instruments.


Data Visualisation Suite


Allows for a visual analysis of key aspects of the portfolio data.


Workflow Automation


A utility that automates the trade, positions, pricing, and securities import into the

system as well as performs reconciliations to various brokers, managers, and other



Transfer Agency/Partnership Register System


The transfer agency and partnership register system has been built to address the

significant changes that have occurred in the fund industry over the last decade. With

increasing regulation and changes to transparency requirements that continue to

evolve, AdvancedAIS has designed a flexible and completely integrated solution that is

adaptable to future industry changes. The core features of the System include:


Transfer Agency/Partnership Register


A multicurrency shareholder and partner accounting system for record keeping of

investors transactions as well as fee calculations. The system is designed to handle

most common fund types including offshore hedge funds, onshore partnerships,

equalisation funds, and mutual funds.


Document Management Module


A centralised repository of documents relevant to various aspects of the system

(transaction and valuation confirmations, scanned compliance items, and special



AML Center


A centralized repository, to which all contacts and their related information are

checked against all of the major international sanctions lists relevant to most hedge

fund jurisdictions.


Compliance Utility


A flexible and extendible internal utility designed to track any and all compliance and

KYC procedures specific to your needs. The compliance utility is designed to be

modified as requirements change over time.


Automated Investor Reporting


A reporting tool to send out various confirmations and special reports to investors,

investment managers, and interested third parties.


Reporting Portal


A web based portal that allows investors and investment managers access to key

reports and data from the system. It also allows access to key metrics for fund



AdvancedAIS systems offer significant benefits compared to traditional installed

applications, as they are scalable, easy to maintain, feature built-in disaster recovery

and come with uncompromised centralised security

Fund Administration Brochure