We are an independent, relationship driven firm.  The quality and enthusiasm of the people we employ is integral to our success.  Our values define us.

Excellence in what we do

Like all firms, we are as good as our people.  We have experienced and specialist lawyers in their practice areas, and who are committed to the provision of excellent service to all our clients.

Integrity in how we do it

We strive to act with complete integrity in all our dealings, always.

Commercial in our approach

At the start of each engagement, we aim to identify our client’s commercial objectives, and our services are thereafter aimed squarely at their achievement.

Entrepreneurial in our character

We thrive on adventure and opportunity, and we relish tackling fresh and interesting problems, whether legal or commercial.  Our market is global, and we are unafraid of doing business in “difficult” jurisdictions or with challenging clients.

Personal in our dealings

We do not believe that excellent service is inconsistent with maintaining a friendly and congenial working environment.   We believe that having friendly and enthusiastic lawyers will ensure that our clients will enjoy working with the firm.  Promoting a culture of genuine teamwork between colleagues, and between lawyers and clients is therefore fundamentally important to us.